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Volts Coventry


  • Mr. Perry McGowan

Shirley Farm Stables

Volts an electrical firm based in Coventry recently under took a stables install at Shirley Farm along side S. Bentley Electrical Contractors. This was a very interesting job for both electricians and here we can share some images of the work.

Volts Coventry - Stable Install

Start Of the Job.

Volts Coventry - Front view of Stable

Outside LED lighting. We decided to use LED lighting as it is more energy efficient, therefore cheaper to run for the customers and more Eco friendly. Lighting at the side is to illuminate the ménage, where as the lighting at the end is to illuminate the entrance as there is parking situated in front of the stables.

Volts Coventry - Rear View Of Stable

A view from the rear of the Stables and the side of the ménage.

Volts Coventry - Inside of Stable's

The above picture is one of the 6 stables, all stables are pretty much identical. Each stable has a twin fluorescent light fitting in a weatherproof enclosure. We decided to go for the weatherproof enclosure to ensure that if there are any leaks in the future or and spraying of water then the fittings will be protected, also this protects the delicate fluorescent lamps from damage. All switch drops and sockets have been wired within 20mm steel conduit pipe to protect it from damage from either the life stock or general farming machinery. All circuits are protected by 30mA RCBO's.

We installed a 6 way 3 Phase board. wired in 25mm 3 core armoured from the main income, with a 3 phase 100a fused isolator and enclosure. The stables were earthed by an Earth rod buried at the rear of the building, therefore making this install a TT earthing arrangement .

Mr. Perry McGowan

Managing Director


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