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Volts Coventry


  • Mr. Perry McGowan

Kitchen Install

Updated: Oct 7, 2021

Another job installed by Volts electrician Perry McGowan.

Kitchen Install by VOLTs in Coventry

Works completed

  • Full Test and Inspection

  • Fuseboard Upgrade

  • Fault Finding

  • New Cooker circuit installed

  • New Ring Main installed for Kitchen sockets

  • New Circuit for Induction Hob

  • Alteration to lighting circuit

  • Installed 10 new LED downlights

  • Outside socket install

Along the process of the whole install we came across a variety such as kitchen plans changing, cables being moved and access issues. We dealt with all of these issues as they arose and done it all at no cost to the customer.

Along side the kitchen install we also upgraded the out of date Fuseboard that was connected to when the property had been previously "Re-wired". Taking one look at the Fuseboard we could tell that this Fuseboard didn't match up with the dates of the rewire and wouldn't of been compliant with regulations of the time. Once we opened the old Fuseboard we found 3 circuits still wired in Red and Black cables, therefore cementing our thoughts that this property had not been fully or properly Re-wired. After breaking the bad news to the customers they decided not to follow up actions against the previous electrician and opted to get the property fully inspected and to upgrade the Fuseboard to one that would now meet the current regulations.

Installed by

Perry McGowan

Managing Director


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