Before And After

Had a call out to do a full inspection and a Fuseboard upgrade.

Old Wylex fuseboard. Fuseboard Upgrade Volts

2way Wylex Fuseboard and a 4 way Wylex Fuseboard, controlled by a 60amp isolator with trip switch.

Reasons for upgrade;

  • Supply conductors 16mm (changed to 25mm)

  • Main Bonding Conductor 10mm (changed to 16mm)

  • Gas and Water Bonds 6mm (changed to 6mm)

  • No RCD protection (dual RCD split consumer unit installed)

  • Over loaded boards, each fuse had too many circuits running from it ( 15way Consumer unit installed)

  • No room for expansion (15way consumer unit installed for future circuits to be installed)

  • In correct fuse rating. Some circuits where protected by the wrong size fuse. (correct rated fuses installed)

  • Fuseboard not fire rated and under wooden stairs (metal clad consumer unit installed)

  • Fuseboard not labelled, no circuit identification. (all circuits separated and identified)

volts - open consumer unit. mid install
volts - Finished Install

Consumer unit change, Supply conductor upgrade, Earthing Bonds and FULL inspection.

Minor changes such as metal fittings and switches removed.

Volts - 17th edition metal clad consumer unit

Completed Fuseboard. Labelled and spare ways left for future works.

Installed and Tested by

Perry McGowan

Managing Director


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